When God Speaks to you LISTEN!!

I told myself that I would write on my blog once a week, (this is the advise that I got from a fellow blogger), and I believe that it is reasonable, and I LOVE to write and don’t ever want to get burned out of what I love to do. My plan is to write once a week, every Sunday to be exact. I get most of my writing topics from inspirations that have happened throughout the day, or conversations that I have with my friends. And that is what inspired this post! A conversation with my friend (I will probably have many more posts that will be inspired by them, although I will not name them, just for their privacy, this one is from my friend J).

Ok, so my friend have just been blessed with being able to purchase a house (her and her husband have been diligently working to accomplish this goal) and it finally paid off! So proud of them!! 👍🏡👈. They are a young couple with a little daughter and with every relationship/marriage they are doing their best to make sure that they are providing a legacy for themselves. And they are doing an awesome job! 👏👪. As we were talking to each other about the stress that comes with moving (emotional, physical, and mental) she was explaining to me an epiphany she had during the whole process. I want to explain it in her own words, then you know I gotta tie it back to Jesus (yeah remember I am a Jesus girl) LOL. No seriously you’ll see…enjoy

So I was asking J, “how was the move?”

She told me that her and her husband signed their papers for their house on Tuesday and got their keys on Wed. Once they got their keys, they started their process of moving. They did not have too much help, it was literally the 2 of them and their baby, (and we all know that moving with a baby could be a little challenging), as they were moving she received a phone call from her mom (nothing serious, just small chat), but during the phone call with her mom she kept wondering “when is she gonna ask me if I need help? With moving or the least to babysit the baby?” But her mom never got around to offering so she shortened the conversation, got off the phone and kept moving her things (but all the while it was bugging her that her mom  did not offer to help). So of course moving is already a strain, and now add frustration along with that, and it can become a recipe for disaster 😬. So she  got so frustrated that she started crying and pondering on why her parents aren’t as supportive as she would like them to be (buying a house is a HUGE accomplishment, why aren’t they over here congratulating or at least helping??) Somewhere in the mix of all of this she decided to ask GOD “What is the meaning of all of this? Why is this such a hindrance for me? This has to mean something GOD? What are you trying to show me/ or tell me about myself?” And that is when it happened This is in my deep narrator voice (lol). GOD told her “PRIDE”, she needed to set her pride to the side and humble herself to ask her family for help! (I believe that once you take a look at yourself and see how you could contribute to make relationship/situation better then GOD can do what he needs to do in order to start working on your heart to mend the relationship/situation). Ok, so let’s continue, so she asked GOD to show her what HE is needing from her, and right away he answered! Sometimes be careful what you ask for because our GOD is a GOD that does not play, HE is on HIS A game at ALL TIMES! So her and her husband were the only ones moving the furniture, and this was extremely hard for her to physically move some things, so they were having a little bit of a hard time putting the couch inside, so they decided to stop and try again a little later, but her husband told her, “it’s ok, I guess we can just try again after you get off of work”.


She said when he told her that, immediately she felt stressed, and surrendered to GOD (I imagine her putting her hands up in the air and looking up, you know like what you see onTV,completely surrendering)LOL, anyway she finally said to GOD “ok, ok I will ask for help!”,ZomboDroid24112015122733

she picked up the phone and called her dad, but the phone was just going to voicemail, so dun dun dun… she had to ask her mom for help, isn’t it funny how GOD works things out? (She was forced to ask for help, otherwise she would have been struggling moving furniture she knew she could not move, and when she finally decides to ask for help, she tries to go about it the easy way and ask her dad but she cannot get through and is forced to ask her mom) DO YOU SEE GOD WORKING HERE PEOPLE?! Anyway so her mom and dad comes by and helps her husband with the couch, (which was alot easier to do by the way), and that part was done; but GOD wasn’t through with her yet. Later that night she still had it in her heart to ask her mom for forgiveness for HER ATTITUDE! Wow if that is not surrendering to self, then I don’t know what is. And by her letting her mom know that she was sorry for having the attitude that she was having, it gave her mom an opportunity to open up to her!

I love this story because it goes to show a couple of lessons. I love how J took the time to ask GOD “what are you needing me to learn from this?” I think that when you are asking HIM to show you what HE is needing from you or what is going on in your heart, or your attitude GOD can start to work on some things! In Ephesians 1:18 it says “I pray that the eyes of your heart maybe enlightened in order that you may know the hope of to which HE has called you”. When I re-read this verse I think of someone asking God to open up their heart to see what THEY can do in order to see the full scope of how and why they may be feeling the way that they do, and what does HE want THEM to do in order to bring peace to the situation.

How many times, (when something happens, or there is some sort of misunderstanding with someone), do we tend to blame the other person or people? When you can fully take the time to sit back and surrender to GOD to show you what HE can do to fix your attitude, I think that really shows maturity and growth.

Is there a person/situation that got your temper flaring or making you feel some type of way? I encourage you to take the time to step back and ask GOD to reveal to you your role in it, maybe then can you really and truly move on.

P.S.: Thank you J, for the inspiration.


Always remember “Never get too comfortable always put GOD first”





Merry Sunday Everyone☺

So today I wanted to speak on the topic of LONLINESS! I know that this word has a very strong meaning, and could be a sensitive subject, but it’s something that has been on my heart. It all started with me going outside of my comfort zone or regular daily routine. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am the meaning of orderly, meaning I like things to be planned, I love cleanliness, and ORDER! I cannot function without it. I have been called OCD a time or two ( and am ok with it)😉. But anyway back to my epiphany😊, I have a very good friend that let’s my girls spend the night on Thursday nights with her daughter , ( this is a blessing in itself, it gives me an opportunity to breath from the weeks interesting moments). I ususally take this time to get more sleep or chill out, but I decided to do something different, I decided to go to a comedy club BY MYSELF, ( I know you’re probably thinking “who would do that ” Well ME! I WOULD!!🙌🙋. Now I have no problem doing alot of things by myself, but just like most of the world, I love to have company when I am doing social things like going to the movies, out to eat etc., but I had to challenge myself, ( I have heard people say that they can’t be alone) and that is another reason for my challenge. I don’t want to be victim to those words *disclaimer* ( please before I continue this is no judgment  to anyone, this is completely my opinion). I do NOT want to feel like I am ever alone because that is not the truth ( you know I gotta take this back to GOD) because I am a” JESUS GIRL” ( I seen that on Priscilla Shirer instagram, and was immediately  hooked, so I am claiming it, don’t judge me! Lol. Anyway it says in HIS word ( the bible🙏) in Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged”. Also in Hebrews 13:5 he says ” Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you”.



What does this mean to me? This means that I AM NEVER ALONE!, HE is ALWAYS WITH ME. So if GOD says that in HIS word, then to say ” I can’t be alone is false, and it is of the enemy! It is the enemy’s job to try and confuse us as to what GODs promises are for us. I believe that anytime we are under the false pretense of ” feeling alone” it leads us to believe and do things that devalue ourselves, and maybe not make the best decisions ( especially when we are out of HIS WILL).

When I think of this  relationships come to mind of course. If a person gets into a relationship  with another person just because of the fact of ” not being able to be alone” it robs you of what a potential mate you could be and it’s not fair to the person you are in a relationship with ( you are not giving them your full self). Let me explain further: if you feel like you NEED someone in order to make you whole, that is not healthy👎, it will allow you to compromise and settle, and GOD has so much planned for our lives that if we only waited on HIM to guide us we wouldn’t get ourselves into so much trouble. GODS Plan is always better than what we have planned. I have heard people say ” if you want to make GOD laugh, tell him your plans” I truly believe this. It sounds funny, but whatever we have planned can’t be anything compared to what HE has planned for us.

I ask you, if you are in a relationship please take the time to ask yourself and pray for GOD to give you the wisdom and knowledge to work on your relationship  with HIM so that you can make better decisions and not compromise yourself or set yourself up for heartache.

Alrighty, I think I have talked enough. Please have a blessed night, and remember,

” Never get too comfortable always put GOD first”



Why the title Abundantly Authentic?

Ok, so I know you guys are probably thinking, “what does Abundantly Authentic mean?”
Well you know I gotta bring it back to GOD…I want to start a movement! When I decided to get out of an unhealthy relationship, it was like ( whats the best word for how I felt, and still feel) FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! ( and yes i am screaming this) , anyway so I have so much that I want to do, GOD has put so much on my heart that I need to get to work. Of course like alot of us I questioned HIM, ( LORD why?) , I doubted HIM ( Lord are you sure?), I blatantly ignored HIM ( LORD I dont have time to do that). Yes, I have done it all, and I am very sure that I have many more of those times to come, but when GOD puts something in your heart, it is VERY HARD not to listen. I think of the story of Jonah. For those of you who do not know that story, let me give you a brief summary (the story is in the Book of Jonah, in the Bible), but it is about this man who GOD have called to go this city to warn the people of their behavior so that GOD dosent destroy the city. Instead of doing what GOD said he tried to run away from GOD ( but we all know you cant do that) , anyway he tries to run away, caused a storm to take place with the people around him, and was thrown into the sea and sat in the stomach of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights, that is when he prayed to GOD, and finally surrendered to what GOD told him to do. The moral of the story “LISTEN TO GOD!!!!!” if you dont there will be consequences and reprocussion! How do you know it is GOD? Well when you are spending time with HIM and walking in HIS will, it becomes a little easier to hear his voice, it can come through his word, through your prayer life, through other people, but when you know, YOU KNOW! Anyway for me, I have a passion for working with children ( schoolagers, meaning ages 5 and up), I am a supervisor for a child development program and LOVE my career. But naturally inside, I would love to do more, I have come across some foster kids in my field, and it breaks my heart when they are not being taken care of correctly. So I belive that GOD has put it in my heart to help foster kids, and the way I can tell is because I CANNOT SHAKE IT! I have tried to let it go, but not only is it always ony mind, but I have the resourses to help!
Because of my experience with being in an unhealthy relationship , ( and being a woman that is independent, accomplished, smart) and I still made poor relationship choices, I want to inform young girls everywhere ( who may not have a positive rolemodel) to love themselves, value themselves, and to give themselves a chance at an ABUNDANT ( see that👈) LIFE, like GOD promises us. (So that is where ABUNDANTLY) comes from.
Now AUTHENTIC. This will be shorter I promise. Authentic means different, unique! It says in the bible that we are GODs handiwork. Just the thought of that makes me blush, because HE has taken the time to make us indiviuals and unique to the rest of the world, there is NO ONE OUT THERE LIKE YOU, OR ME! ( that could be a good thing, or a bad thing )LOL. Ok, so that is how I got the name  so “if you dont know know you know” ( best rapper voice) Haha.

What are some things that you are passionate about, or have been wanting to do but have been putting it off? Take inventory of your life and LISTEN TO HIS VOICE!!! 😇


“Never get too comfortable always put GOD first”

About Me!

Profile photoHello All,

In my last post I introduced myself to the world. I had been talking about starting a blog for literally 6 months now! So this is really one of the goals that I am so happy that I reached. I love to write and this is a way for me to release some of the energy that I have with everything going on in my life. Here are a few things that I would like to achieve through blogging:

  1. The number 1 reason that I am blogging is because I want to glorify GOD, anything that I do I want to make sure that HE is being kept first (HE is the alpha, and omega of my life), HE guides me and gives me the strength to do what I have to do in my life.  So everything that I blog, will be inspired by HIM and HIS word!
  2. For my kids: Keishawn, Michaela,and Makenzie, I always want to make sure that I am being a true inspiration to them. I want to be candid, and transparent with them. I want them to know that life is full of up’s and down’s, good and bad, strong and weak, ying and yang (haha).  No really I want them to know that their mom is a real person that is having to make decisions on a daily basis, from being a responsible person and  waking up and going to work to provide for them , to what I want to eat for lunch, to what outfit I want to wear for the day.  It can seem very simple, but life is full of decision making and we have control over what we decide to do with our lives and I want them to know that GOD is always there guiding them in their journey. That I will always have their back, and EVERYTHING I do, it is to enrich their lives with my love!
  3. I am about to be divorced (officially) on November 24th, 2015 since making the decision to separate from my husband, my eyes have been opened to many things. It feels like I was blind for 14 yrs. of my life (and I am not being funny) I will definitely be writing about this in future posts, but ending my marriage has been something that have been a TRUE test in multiple areas of my life. Don’t get me wrong, this is truly hard, and being a woman of GOD I know that HE hates divorce, but one thing that I have to remember is that HE may hate divorce but he does not hate divorcees. I go through many emotions and am still battling with my decision but this is between me and GOD and I would have never had the relationship with Christ that I have right now, if me and my ex were still together. I AM PUTTING GOD FIRST IN ALL THINGS. So this blog is my FREEDOM! Freedom to speak up against anything that is not of HIM, anything that is trying to disrupt the purpose that HE has for my life. I needed to separate from this person in order to live the ABUNDANT LIFE THAT HE HAS CALLED ME TO! (this is part of the reason for my blog name)

To hold myself accountable to my goals. There is so much that I want to do, that it’s not even funny. My mind is always running a thousand miles a minute. I want to raise kids that will be responsible citizens, and good people. I want to be able to do that by MY OWN ACTIONS. I want them to see what a true woman of GOD is like. I want to be financially responsible, I want to be a good friend, I want to grow, I want to know how to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, I want to be a good steward to what HE has called of me.



Well this is a good list for you to see why I am even on here  talking about anything. I have a voice just like you, we are all unique and should embrace that! What are you doing to hold yourself accountable to your dreams and goals, is there anything in your life that is causing you to hold back on your dreams and aspirations? I encourage you to be honest and transparent with yourself, so that you can move forward to be the person that GOD has called you to be.                                                                                                                                                            Sincerely,


Just let me introduce myself (that is in my best rapper voice) LOL


My name is Keisha (well Makeisha) but I go by Keisha. This is a name that is very famous in the African-American community as a “ghetto black girl”, but that is a negative! I am far from it! My name used to bother me when I was younger, but as I am getting older I am beginning to embrace it a little more ;I must admit that from time to time I would love to have a more simple universal name like Elizabeth or Josie (I am quite sure this is not a universal name but hey I like that name). Anyway that is enough about that, there are other aspects to my life that is a little more important, that I would love to share with you.

So you already know my name and how I feel about that! LOL, I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children; Keishawn (13), Michaela (7), and Makenzie (6), as any mother will tell you, my children are the purpose for me to want to continue to grow as a person, and make choices to give them the best life possible. I am a Site Supervisor for a Child Development Program in Southern California, ( I LOVE MY CAREER). I originally went to school to become an elementary teacher, but as I was getting to the end of getting my degree I had some observations to do in elementary classes, and I was not pleased (please do not get me wrong, I am not bashing elementary schools, or teachers), I am just saying it was not for me.

But I knew I wanted to work with children (that was my passion), so I started working for this company, fell in love with the philosophy and the rest is as they say “history”. I ended up getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Human Development, and choosing not to continue for my credentials. I believe I made the best decision.

Ok, so along with my 3 beauties, and my career, I am also going through a divorce. We actually should be officially divorced on the 24th of this month. So I am a newly single mom, and it has been quite a journey!

But the last thing, but definitely not the least thing I would like you to know about me, is that I am a child of GOD!! HE comes FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE!! I am actually starting this blog because I genuinely know that GOD is directing me to use my voice to share my story. I want to use this for HIS GLORY and would love to let other women know how valuable they are in Christ, and not to give up on any dreams or inspirations they may have. I would love to let girls know how to care for themselves and to put GOD first to make choices for their lives so that they can go through less heartache, as we know that life has plenty of those to hand out freely.  I do not claim to know it all, I am definitely a work in progress, and am figuring out this whole life thing, just like anyone else. But I do know that with HIS guidance my journey will be a lot more clearer as I am letting HIM lead the way.

I will be talking about everything from parenting, financials, organizing, and any other things that will come to mind, and I will blog once a week on any of these subjects. (This is my way of keeping myself accountable to my goals).

Last but not least I want to leave you with my motto “NEVER GET TO COMFORTABLE ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST”