My Stinky Life

My baby and I entered our story into a local contest, and got 2nd place!!! Whoo-hooo!!! That’s right, that’s right!!! Ha-ha. Please enjoy our story:

My stinky life

Michaela’s dad woke her up to get ready to go to school

Michaela hated being woken up to go to school, she was still so tired and wanted to stay in her warm bed.

Finally, she woke up, daddy got her clothes ready, she got dressed brushed her teeth, and went to go see what breakfast was.

It was JUST cereal! And not even the good kind, it was plain, no sugar, no taste, nothing.

Michaela and her dad walked to school

Michaela hated walking to school, why didn’t daddy just drive her there, his car was right there in the garage, but when she asked him, he said it would be better for them to walk and get exercise.

They finally made it to school, for her kindergarten class

but she was the last one to get in line so she was not able to get to sit on her favorite spot on the color rug.

It was finally recess time and Michaela got called last

So she didn’t get her favorite tricycle to ride on

When they got back in class from recess Michaela wanted the teacher to read her favorite story

But instead the teacher read a story that she did not like!

During lunch Michaela got to eat a ham sandwich, which she hates

And her friend got to eat a big pack of fruit snacks (Michaela’s favorite by the way)

After lunch it was recess again, and Michaela wanted to play with the chalk

But someone else was using the chalk, and by the time they were done it was the end of recess

When they went back into class the teacher had math problems for them to do

Michaela hated math problems! They were HARD!!

When it was time to go home, the teacher handed out stickers to everyone, but when she got to Michaela she ran out

Daddy finally picked up Michaela from school and asked her “how was your day Michaela?”

Michaela said “STINKY”

Daddy said “WHAT? How is that possible?”

“Ok daddy let me explain it to you; I had plain cereal for breakfast this morning (yuk), I had to walk to school (boring), I didn’t get to sit on my favorite color on the rug, at circle time (no fair), I didn’t get to use my favorite tricycle (boo), I got a ham sandwich for lunch (nasty), I didn’t get to use the chalk (waaa), the teacher read a book that I did not like (boo), I had to do math problems (hard), and she ran out of stickers when it was my turn to get one (not fair)”

When she was done explaining everything to daddy, they walked into the house and she had a big ICE-CREAM sundae with chocolate, m&m’s, peanuts, gummybears (all of her favorite things to have on her sundae) waiting for her on the table!

Daddy surprised her!!

“Does this make your day any better Michaela?”

“Yes it does! I guess my day is not so STINKY after all!


By: Keisha and Michaela Montfleury


Blue-Print to Self-Esteem Workshop #1

I have successfully launched my first workshop! The whole point of me starting a blog and/or sharing my story (testimony) has been to raise awareness (to women and young girls) on the TRUE IMPORTANCE of having a positive self-esteem and to learn that GOD LOVES US!

From my personal experience, participating in an unhealthy relationship (and that relationship ultimately coming to an devastating end), put me in a place of being so broken, that I was forced to seek GOD. I believe that we could get so caught up in ourselves, and what we think we need, or want that we do not listen to the voice of the Lord. He wants the best for us, and the only way to learn and pursue the purpose He has for us, is to LISTEN, and stop being so distracted. All of us have a testimony, all of us have things that we have been through and may still be going though; all of us have baggage and battles, no one is immune from that. But that is why GOD is here! HE made us, so he understands how we work, so it just makes sense to seek HIM and ask HIM for answers since HE is the one who ultimately created us.

Not only do I believe that I have been led by GOD to share my testimony but I believe that HE is telling me to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, to not let the pain of divorce overtake or ultimately destroy me (meaning my thoughts, my actions, and my life).

It is through this that Abundantly Authentic was created. My purpose is to inform young girls to practice self-care skills and habits so that they can learn how to care for themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally in order not to allow themselves to be taken advantage of through their relationships. Also to learn to trust GOD in all things, and to seek HIM first for all aspects of their lives.  My vision came about while sitting in my friends living room being hurt, confused, and discouraged, but through seeking GOD and having the support of the few friends, HE revealed to me why I had to go through what I was going through. HE revealed to me that HE had a purpose, and this not something that was just thought of overnight, HE slowly put it in my heart and have been making a way for this to happen (even though I will admit there are plenty of times I still feel discouraged, or feel like I am in over my head), but the reason I know it’s from GOD is because not only can I NOT let it go, but since then He has been sending people my way to get it accomplished! Funny huh? I am in the field where I am working with an abundance of girls that are the ages that I am trying to serve, one of my co-workers is really creative so she helped me with my logo, one of my parents works on web sites so he helped me with mine, old friends and parents are calling me out of the blue to let me know about non-profits and so forth, and one of the number one reasons that I believe that GOD is calling me to do this is because I am doing a service to others! Especially the lives of young girls. I am NOT getting paid, I am not expecting a reward, I am actually uncomfortable with this, (but I am growing into my testimony and becoming more confident), it can become a little challenging (NO IT’S ALOT CHALLENGING). But it’s ok, *just a little disclaimer* I don’t want anyone to EVER feel sorry for me! That is not the point of me telling my story, if anything I would like you, or anyone (even myself) to learn from it. That’s all folks (in my best Daffy Duck or Porky Pig, if it’s not Daffy or Porky, you know what or who I mean) LOL…

Ok, so back to Abundantly Authentic ‘s Blue-Print to Self-Esteem Launch! I am so excited (so forgive me).

So on Feb 6th, 2016 I Launched my VERY FIRST EVENT!!

My good friend offered her place for me to host my event (not only was it going to be at her place, but she also decorated (take a look)

fearfully and wonderfully made

love pic

We spent all night preparing, and even though I had been planning for months, just the reality that it was actually happening made me so nervous, (and I even considered cancelling that night) crazy huh?! But of course that was absurd and I had to do it, not matter how nervous I felt.

This day was prepared to celebrate the girls and their mothers, and to  inform the ladies (mothers and daughters) about the importance of taking care of themselves, and embracing their uniqueness (loving what GOD has made). Also for the mothers to understand that we are a GREAT EXAMPLE and most importantly the FIRST EXAMPLE that the girls are exposed to in order to model that.

We made a little cozy area, so that I could have a chance to speak to the mothers, (to give my testimony, and let them know the background and the purpose the event); then I spoke to the girls about what Abundantly Authentic means (Abundantly means to have ALOT of something, and Authentic means special and unique); we played an ice breaker of truth or dare; and then we got into our activities. I explained to the girls the importance of taking care of themselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally; the importance of being good to your friends and giving compliments; they got to sit together to take a deep look into what makes them unique, and they got to frame their work! It was AWESOME!!


In this workshop I gave the girls an overview of what self-esteem means, but I plan on doing different workshops to go deeper into each topic. I HAVE SO MUCH PLANNED!!

Thank you for taking the time read this. I hope it inspires you, and if you are a mother that have a daughter, I encourage you to be the woman that you are wanting her to become! All things are possible through Christ, and remember we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

“Never get too comfortable always keep GOD first”