Am I in the right location?

I am watching a video from Priscilla Shrier, and she is speaking about location. She encouraged us to take a look at the location that GOD has planted us in, she is reminding us of the patience of GOD. Letting us know that GOD has planned our lives for us already. That HE has never given up on us, and there is nothing that we could do to tire out GOD. AND I BELIEVE IT, DO YOU?

Ok, so this has brought me to 1 question that I have been asking GOD for awhile now, and when I first asked HIM, it was not the answer that I expected.

So this is the question that I have asked him several times “Why was the move to Menifee so easy”, “Why did you bring me and my family to Menifee to what seemly looked like a fresh start and all types of abundance, just for me to get divorced and feeling lost?”

And the first time I asked HIM this, HE blatantly told me “Because I need you here” and that was it! That was it! He just left it like that, didn’t go into details, it sounded like when you ask your mom “why?”, when she tells you to do something, and she says “because I said so!” Hahaha…that is exactly how GOD answered my question. So of course I had to accept that answer at the time, because that is all that HE was going to give me.

Ok, so I accepted the answer then, but I would still ask every once in awhile, and I know now, it wasn’t until I was ready to hear and appreciate the answer that HE was able to reveal this to me (or atleast part of it). *And please remember people, that this is not done over night, sometimes GOD does not answer your questions, HE doesn’t have to, but through getting to know HIM and when you are seeking HIS guidance, it can become easier to hear HIS voice and what HE is trying to tell you.  Anyway, let me continue…So I have always asked this periodically, but as my life is unfolding, and I am doing things, and being exposed to things that I would have never dreamed of, it’s becoming a lot more clear.

Listening to Priscilla Shrier speak about “location” has brought me back to my question I had been asking, and I guess that GOD believes that I am finally mature enough to hear the answer.

There was one part in her message that she says, “us being here is a miracle, just the fact that your grandpa met your grandma, and had your dad, and your mom and dad met, and had you, that is a miracle! This takes me to the very beginning of my journey. Not by me being born (not taking it back that far..LOL), but from meeting my ex-husband, and him introducing me to his mom (her planting the seed of GOD’S word to me, and exposing me to my LORD, and even though I didn’t know it then, but this would be the foundation that sets the tone for my coming to fully turn my life over to GOD). My ex-husband and I being married and having 3 kids… have allowed me to be able to accomplish some things like being able to become a mother to 3 wonderful kids, being able to obtain my bachelors degree, being able to come out of a poverty striken area, being able to become a homeowner, attending a church that gave me the foundation of what true believers of what CHRIST really looks like, this point in my life was not done in vain, HE allowed me to persevere, to work on becoming the woman that HE is needing me to become for the purpose HE has in my life, I have developed certain characteristics such as being faithful, diligent, optimistic, having hope, (that is just a few that I can think of at this moment). Me being a homeowner has allowed for me to have a house for my mom and sister to stay in without having to worry about renting an apartment or worry about some landlord not treating them well. Getting my degree have allowed me to be able to get into the field of where my passion is, (which is working with and being a positive influence of a child’s life). Having 3 children is a blessing in itself, as there are many women who may not be able to have children, and GOD have blessed me with 3!

From my ex-husband battling his issues with drugs, and although I used to be embarrassed of this, and couldn’t quiet understand exactly why this had happened…if it didn’t I would not have gotten to see my strength (through GOD of course), I would not have had the opportunity to move to Menifee when he finally got clean, and although it was in our plans to move here to start over, and we had a plan to “do this thing called life”, it was not exactly GOD’S plan. While I have been working in Menifee for 5 years it allowed me to build relationships with many people and families. I met a friend from work, (that allowed me and my whole family to stay at her house while we save money to get our own place), and although this friendship ended soon after my split with my ex-husband, (and I can tell you it hurt and I was confused as to why everyone was leaving my life), I totally get it now, if it wasn’t for that, I don’t know if we would have had the smooth transition of moving out here. So even that was a blessing. When we moved out here I got to see my ex at the height of his life. He was sober, he was working, he was providing for his family, me seeing this and being exposed to this has allowed me to see what the role of a husband really truly looks like. The trials and tribulations that came upon us while we were out here (of course it was frustrating and confusing), but there was one point where both of our cars went out, and not little things, he got into an accident and totaled the front of his car and the transmission went out in my car. This allowed me to have to ask for help (which if you know me, that is extremely hard to do), and depend on others! At this point (if I would have had car trouble while living in Victorville I probably would have lost my job (Victorville is 1 hour away from Menifee, my car was out for about 2 months). I started to build a relationship with a very close friend of mine, (I had to depend on her help to take me and my girls to and from work, and school). We live in the same apartments, and her daughter and my girls go to the same school, and the same after school program which I happen to be the supervisor for.

If me and my ex-husband did not go through what we were going through, it would not have brought me GOD. I would not have placed my whole life in HIS hand, and given my ALL TO HIM. But if I would have never been going through a divorce Abundantly Authentic would have never been birth. I would not have seen the importance of taking care of yourself through (JESUS of course), and I would have never been prompted to start this blog, to motivate and inspire people and let them know that GOD loves them, encouraging them to trust and believe in GOD. I have started doing workshops for my organization that I am starting, I would not have the resources that I have right now (and that HE is still revealing to me) so that I am able to fulfill what HE has called me to do.


GOD had it planned all along! And HE is still planning and allowing opportunity to come my way.

So this brings me back to the title of my post “Am I in the right location?”


I encourage you to ask yourself this question. “Are you in the right location?”

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I hope and pray that it has been a blessing to you. Always remember…

Never get too comfortable always keep GOD first.




Author: Keisha

One mom's journey on how to keep GOD first, be the best mom HE has called me to be, while juggling work, finances, and life!!

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  1. Yes I am. And I you definitely play a big part of that. Thank you for all the support and positive guidance you have given me. God had had a plan for us too, which is why he brought us together. ❤

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