Why the title Abundantly Authentic?

Ok, so I know you guys are probably thinking, “what does Abundantly Authentic mean?”
Well you know I gotta bring it back to GOD…I want to start a movement! When I decided to get out of an unhealthy relationship, it was like ( whats the best word for how I felt, and still feel) FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! ( and yes i am screaming this) , anyway so I have so much that I want to do, GOD has put so much on my heart that I need to get to work. Of course like alot of us I questioned HIM, ( LORD why?) , I doubted HIM ( Lord are you sure?), I blatantly ignored HIM ( LORD I dont have time to do that). Yes, I have done it all, and I am very sure that I have many more of those times to come, but when GOD puts something in your heart, it is VERY HARD not to listen. I think of the story of Jonah. For those of you who do not know that story, let me give you a brief summary (the story is in the Book of Jonah, in the Bible), but it is about this man who GOD have called to go this city to warn the people of their behavior so that GOD dosent destroy the city. Instead of doing what GOD said he tried to run away from GOD ( but we all know you cant do that) , anyway he tries to run away, caused a storm to take place with the people around him, and was thrown into the sea and sat in the stomach of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights, that is when he prayed to GOD, and finally surrendered to what GOD told him to do. The moral of the story “LISTEN TO GOD!!!!!” if you dont there will be consequences and reprocussion! How do you know it is GOD? Well when you are spending time with HIM and walking in HIS will, it becomes a little easier to hear his voice, it can come through his word, through your prayer life, through other people, but when you know, YOU KNOW! Anyway for me, I have a passion for working with children ( schoolagers, meaning ages 5 and up), I am a supervisor for a child development program and LOVE my career. But naturally inside, I would love to do more, I have come across some foster kids in my field, and it breaks my heart when they are not being taken care of correctly. So I belive that GOD has put it in my heart to help foster kids, and the way I can tell is because I CANNOT SHAKE IT! I have tried to let it go, but not only is it always ony mind, but I have the resourses to help!
Because of my experience with being in an unhealthy relationship , ( and being a woman that is independent, accomplished, smart) and I still made poor relationship choices, I want to inform young girls everywhere ( who may not have a positive rolemodel) to love themselves, value themselves, and to give themselves a chance at an ABUNDANT ( see that👈) LIFE, like GOD promises us. (So that is where ABUNDANTLY) comes from.
Now AUTHENTIC. This will be shorter I promise. Authentic means different, unique! It says in the bible that we are GODs handiwork. Just the thought of that makes me blush, because HE has taken the time to make us indiviuals and unique to the rest of the world, there is NO ONE OUT THERE LIKE YOU, OR ME! ( that could be a good thing, or a bad thing )LOL. Ok, so that is how I got the name  so “if you dont know know you know” ( best rapper voice) Haha.

What are some things that you are passionate about, or have been wanting to do but have been putting it off? Take inventory of your life and LISTEN TO HIS VOICE!!! 😇


“Never get too comfortable always put GOD first”

Author: Keisha

One mom's journey on how to keep GOD first, be the best mom HE has called me to be, while juggling work, finances, and life!!

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