Step by Step

So I went out the other night, (In my post Loneliness, I told you guys how I went to a comedy club by myself), YES I said by MYSELF! I know, I know, most people NEED to have company to do things and go out, and yeah that is the case most of the time for me, (but to go to the movies or to a show (where you have to pay attention), it’s no biggy for me, I actually like it better that way so that I can enjoy the show, but for things like going out to dinner, I wouldn’t be able to do that, (not there yet) hahaha. But I think that it is important for us to take care of ourselves, so that we could be the best person that we can be for the people that we love. I think that it is important for us to be able to divide our time: meaning, make time for ourselves, spouses/significant other, children, friends, and there are many ways of making that happen:

  1.  Being Intentional– we have to be intentional in the way that we do things. Make a plan to do things, maybe start off with a list of things that you want to do, places you would like to go. What I did was look at my calendar, and started off with writing down days that are important to me (the kids birthdays, other family birthdays, events that I want to go to (even if it is months away), this is where the planning and organizing comes in. This will allow you to get a vision of the things you are wanting to, and you can start making plans on how you’re going to go to these places or do these activities.
  1. It’s important for you to have a list of your ideas. This way you can SEE exactly what you want, this will make it ALOT easier to see HOW you are going to follow through with the things that you have done. Take a look at your list, really evaluate it, circle the things that you REALLY want to do, and CAN DO, and GET TO PLANNING.
  • Plan– Now that you have your list of things that you would like to do and places that you would like to go, you can start PLANNING. Take a look at your list, can some things be flexible in time? Like for example I would like to take the kids to the zoo, (so that is on my list), so I researched the prices, and looked to see how much it would be for a family of 4, and upon researching I remembered that in October the kids are free at the San Diego Zoo, so now I only have to purchase one ticket, and I put on my calendar  the zoo for the month of October. Another thing, is that my youngest wants to go skating (she’s been asking me for awhile now), since it is something that she seems to be passionate about, I have it on my list, and I put it down on my calendar for her birthday, (so I researched how much it would be to have her birthday party there), and now I have to plan on saving, so that we can have her birthday party at the skating rink.
  •  Don’t forget to make sure that you are imputing time for yourself, the kids, your friends, etc. Not everything has to be expensive or pricey, do your research and I promise you, you will find things to do. Take a look at sites like “Eventbrite”, type in your city and see what happens, I have found a few events that I would like to go to on “Eventbrite” (they have many events that you could do with your family for free or of low cost). Doing something as small as planning to have coffee with a friend, going to have lunch (many places have something called “Taco Tuesday”, and they are usually dollar tacos that day)
What I am trying to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that comes in a variety of ways. Let me tell you a few things that I have been doing, (it’s taken a lot of planning on my end), I am trying to make time to do something for myself, with the kids, and have a “chill” weekend. I have talked to them about this, and since I have been planning and researching I have been able to find events near me. So I went to my first event for myself for the month of January (BARACHA dancing)
And it was only $5.00, and very local, it was during the week (on a Thursday night), I tried to talk myself out of it a few times, but “what the hey”, my friend had been telling me about it for awhile, and instead of thinking too much into it, I made the choice and went. Thank you “A.G.”, it was so much fun that I am planning to go back again.
Another thing that I am doing, is turning off the television during the week. We have been doing that for a couple of months now, and although it was very difficult in the beginning, it is like second nature now. So I came up with an idea that each day (after homework, dinner, bathing) is all done, someone is going to be in charge of a “family game”, so between the 3 kids, and my sister everyday someone comes up with a game that we are going to play as a family (for 45 min), so far we have done just dance, truth or dare (you could look up kid questions and dares on- line), UNO, and heads up (you can get the app on your cell phone)
The main thing that you should do is FOLLOW THOROUGH, FOLLOW THROUGH, FOLLOW THROUGH!! Give yourself a chance to follow through. I know if can be very difficult to do, but at least try it. You will never know unless you DO IT!!
So lets have a recap: What are some steps that we can take in order to make sure that we are making choices to start the foundation of taking care of ourselves:
 You can do it! I believe in you, start small (hey while I am here trying to encourage you, these are the things that I am telling myself, and doing myself). So are you going to step up and give yourself a chance? YOU GOTS THIS!!
Always remember “Never get too comfortable, always put GOD first”

Thankful for what??

I promised myself that I would be writing once a week, (Sunday’s to be exact),  I did not write last week because between the Thanksgiving Holiday, work, school, kids and all the things in between it got increasingly hard, and honestly overwhelming! I had so much things to turn in at work, I forgot to submit an assignment for my class, and I had to plan so much for the Thanksgiving holiday (because we were going out of town for the holidays), and if you are a mom/parent then you understand that there is ALOT of preparation that comes with spending time somewhere else away from home. We were spending approximately 4 days away from home, to visit family in our hometown, (we were leaving on Thursday, and I had to start packing and planning the Sunday before! Some of you may think that I am exaggerating but it is true. I have learned from when my son was younger that I have to pack everything that I needed for him in advance otherwise I would forget something, it never failed. So I would always pack the night before… but now you add 2 more kids (so 3 altogether) and myself, and YES the planning is very necessary. Let me break it down to you… I have to pack their bags and make sure they have enough clothes for all of the days that we are going, ( I always add an extra pair just in case of anything), shoes (and potential shoes to go with the outfits), underwear (same with the clothes, I will pack extra), socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste (yes it’s obvious but I have forgotten one without the other a few times), blankets, accessories (I have 2 girls that have a bag of lip gloss, chapsticks, smell good sprays etc.), (a son that needs his deodorant, smell goods etc.) and yes they do need reminders at any age! I have to make sure that chores are done,( we clean up every Sat morn, but when we leave and are not coming back for a few days I need my house in tip top shape, we do a deep clean); I need to make sure that I have planned accordingly (this is the mental part). So reading some of this will have some of you dizzy and some of you completely understand either way this is what the preparation process was and is.


Any way on top of that I had to turn in ALOT of paperwork for work. I am a Supervisor for a child development center, and yes I am with the kids, but I am also supervising staff, and handling parent issues, and school issues, but we had a report that was due and it was very time consuming.

Then I am taking a class at my local community college, (and even though it is an online class, it can have it’s challenges), I didn’t pay attention to the due date on an  assignment that needed to be turned in, and ended up being 4 days late), now that is a lot when it is an 8 week/online class! Now talk about ripping my hair out.


While I am writing about this and thinking about all of the responsibilities that I have, I would NOT change it for the world. With Thanksgiving just passing and Christmas right around the corner, I believe that it is a time to STOP and give thanks, not only that but take a second to breathe in all of the things in our lives that we are blessed with.  I can name a few for myself right now.

I am thankful for having a family, not only my immediate but extended also. I have 3 beautiful children, my mom (that is my biggest cheerleader), 3 sisters that are cool, funny, and unique in their own way, a brother that is very driven and is using his past to motivate him to make better choices in life,  a brother and sister in law that are just the coolest couple that I know (even though they really do not have to be, I am no longer with their brother and they are still including us in their family, my sister in law is one of the most “downest” chick that I know, she has my back! LOL, I have friends that are very supportive over all of my endeavor’s, and keep it real with me when they have to (and vise versa).

I am in a career field that I absolutely LOVE and KNOW that GOD have placed me in the field that I am in for a reason, I love to teach kids, and remind them that they have a voice, I love for them be creative, and think outside the box with things, I love to make a big deal out of their ideas, I love to watch them sparkle over the little things in life (that we as adults take for granted), or watch their milestones and see how proud they are of themselves when they achieve something.

I am thankful for being a homeowner, and having the opportunity for my mom to live in my house, it is such a blessing for her not to have to worry about renting an apartment or a house somewhere else ( when I was little, I used to always tell her that I would buy her a house), I believe that this is GOD’s way of letting me live out that dream.

I am thankful for KNOWING GOD and knowing that HE loves me! That during times of confusion, roughness, and pain that GOD has my back, when I started reading the bible, I started reading the book of Philippians (it is Paul who is writing a letter to the of Phillippi), and from the very beginning Paul is telling the people about Thanksgiving and Prayer, even though Paul is in prison he has  freedom, courage, and discernment in the Lord. When I read it, I always think about how he is in prison physically, but doesn’t display any form of stress or concern, in fact it’s quite the opposite! He is giving advise to the church about being thankful and having peace! Also in the book of 2 Thessalonians, Paul, Silas and Timothy are writing to the church of Thessalonians and the first thing that they talk about is Thanksgiving and Prayer (do you notice also that thanksgiving and prayer goes hand in hand?) I am learning to be thankful for the present moment. I always pray to God “thank your God for the past, it has caused me growth and have taught me to lean on you for everything, thank you for the present, I believe that it is preparation for my future, and thank you for my future, which I look forward to because you said in your word that you have come to give us life and to give it more abundantly.

Overall what I am trying to say is that life has a way to throw lemons, watermelons, oranges, whatever analogy you want to use, but it is up to us to decide the who, what, when, where, and why of life. One piece of advise that I would love for you to take into consideration is to PLEASE SEEK GOD! If you seek HIM, I promise you, you will reap the benefits of what you are seeking because you will be walking in HIS will, and whatever you were destined to do, believe me it is from HIM because HE put that desire in your heart. Also learn how to be thankful with all that you have! You may not be exactly where you want to be in life, but it’s always SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR! Use the Holiday season to start practicing Thanksgiving and Prayer! It works!!

Always remember “Never get too comfortable, always put GOD first”