Slumping Wars

So I have been in a slump for a few days now, and IT DOSEN’T FEEL GOOD!

Wait let me explain what I mean by slump. Slumpy to me means when you feel defeated, lonely, confused and many more nasty feelings, that you NEVER want to feel. There were some things that contributed to this, and I am getting to know myself ALOT better than I used to. I am learning how to pay attention to these things,(because if we do not pay attention to these things, it could lead us to depression, promiscuity, drugs…so forth) 1st because I AM A CHILD OF GOD, and it says in HIS WORD (yes), you will always here me say this “HE came to give us life and give it more abundantly”. So if I am feeling like this then it is NOT from GOD! Let’s dig in more to the text. Living life more abundantly is not only what it says, in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly. So this scripture is telling us that the enemy is real, he is out there to manipulate us through stealing our joy, killing our dreams, and destroying out hope! This may not sound real, or you may feel like this does not pertain to you, or that I may be tripping, but think about it: It all starts with our mind, how we think of ourselves, and how we approach things. Everyday you have choices to  make, a choice to go to work (or not go to work) a choice on eating healthy( or not eating healthy), a choice on what type of attitude you will have. IT IS OUR CHOICE!! If you wake up and not have any ambition for the day,  or let a bad mood have the best of you, then it can ruin you day, and mess with your mind. Let me give you an example: Say you get up in the morning and woke up late, but not only that but today is a really big day at work, so it really doesn’t help that you woke up late because now you are not really prepared…now you can either make this ruin your whole day, or you can hurry up, get ready and do your thing!! Let me give you another example, say you took a test at school but you felt pretty good about it, but you get your grade the next day, and it is not the grade that you were expecting. You can either let this make or break your day. THE WAY THAT YOU REACT OR TAKE IT IS A CHOICE!  And take into consideration that if you choose to make it break your day, you are affecting other people along your path. If you have a negative attitude because of something that happened to you, your are more than likely to have a short temper with your kids, your spouse or significant other, your co-workers, your siblings, or your friends. The way that you handle situations can be very detrimental to your relationships that you have in your life. Now it is IMPOSSIBLE to expect anyone to be happy or in a good mood everyday, but just because we may not be in a good mood does not give us the right to take it out on other people.

When I am in a “slump” I am not at my best! I am not giving my all to my children (who are dependent upon me), heck I am not giving my ALL to myself!!

Here are a few reasons why I feel like I was in a slump: I took a few days off of work, and I didn’t have anything planned, I had in my mind that I was going to do one of those “stay-casions”, meaning I was gonna stay at home, and just get some rest and do nothing. I had things that I planned on doing, but I got really lazy and did not accomplish those things. (which is cool on one hand, but on the other hand it leaves for an idle mind).

I had been surfing through social media, sleeping, eating, running a few errands here and there, and starting the same cycle over! This is totally the opposite of my routine, I am constantly doing something, being a parent I am busy with my son’s basketball games, the kids school functions, and projects, I am a supervisor so there is always something work related to do, I exercise on at least 2 days out of the week (don’t judge that’s ALOT for me), but I have made it my business to be more social (if you ready any of my last posts you know that back in the day I was not living my life to the fullest), so having nothing to do is completely the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish. Like I said, I know that sometimes it is good to take a break from all of the craziness that life has to offer, but I think too much of it, or if you do not know how to spend your “free time” it could control you.

Now what got me out of this “slump” was an event that I went to. Well it wasn’t really an event, one of my good friends (we will call her E) invited a few of her friends over to just hang out, eat some good food, play some games, and just enjoy each other’s company. TO PUT IT MILDLY I HAD A BLAST!!!

The event started at 1:00 and unfortunately I was late, ( that’s something I need to work on) sorry “E”

But lets move on!

Before we started digging in, and eating, “E” sat us all down, and spoke to the group. But this was not any ordinary speech, she took the time to let each and everyone of us know HOW we are playing a part in her life, how each one of us has made an impact on her, and how our role in her life. I KNOW RIGHT!!! It was very EMOTIONAL, and COOL!!

SHE WENT THROUGH EACH AND EVERY FRIEND (IT WAS 6 OF US). But it was completely genuine and from her heart, EACH and EVERY ONE of  US played a very different and crucial part of her life. She is a WONDERFUL person, friend, mom! She is a woman that has such a GREAT HEART, and she has taught me so much, on how to be a great friend, and I love her so much. Even though “E” was telling us how we impacted her, I just started to think how much of an inspiration she was in my life, and how she has impacted me. It just goes to show that GOD places people in our lives, (this is how you know), if you can make an impact in someone’s life just by being yourself then you know the friendship is divine! So just like I have made an impact in her life, she has made an impact in mine. Through our friendship she has shown me so much about myself, but one thing that she has taught me is how to be patient, and to take the time to think of others (intentionally), to care what others think (in a healthy way), and how to be a friend.


As the afternoon progressed, we (a group of women), ate, talked, and talked and ate

You know how us women do it. As we were talking about so many different topics from light subjects such as our favorite restaurants, to more heavy subjects like how are family life has impacted us, it was all in good taste, it gave us a moment to get to know each other, to not judge each other, to get different perspectives (intelligent perspectives), and to listen to everyone’s journey and their visions and passions!!! I got to understand why it is so important to have friends, and influential people in our lives. And not just any friends! And I don’t mean influential like rich people or people of power, but people who have the same vision as you, people who are goal oriented, who have things going on for themselves! Have you ever heard the expression

I truly believe in this quote. I see how important it is to have positive influences in your life. Just hanging out with these ladies brought out my inner superwoman! It made me get out of my slump! It snapped me back to reality!! It is so cool to see other women like myself, have stories, have love, have doubts, have questions!! It’s so good to see that I am not the only one struggling sometimes with life! It was AWESOME!

So that is why and how I got out of my slump! I have come to understand that it will happen every once in awhile, but it is up to me in how I handle it. It is important on who I surround myself with, it’s actually more than important, it’s detrimental to my health!

I want to ask you a question? Are you giving your all to yourself? It’s ok to have a bad day, or a “slumpy day”, but put it in GOD’S hand, remember when you feel start feeling like that, it is the enemy trying to lie to you and mess with your head. Give yourself a chance, an opportunity to be your best self, people are counting on you!

P.S. Thank you “E” for the inspiration

Always remember “Never get too comfortable always put GOD first”